Green Star

Environmental Initiatives-
95% of all lighting is based on energy-efficient SCL or LED lights
Are Invertor Technology to reduce electricity consumption and start upload.
Water -
Rainwater is allowed to recharge in to the gardens around the chalets & the office is collected into a large holding tank.
The chalets are on bore water that has been treated for ph & softness. Water can be transfered to & from both sides of the property.
Dual flush toilets in place & water saving showerheads installed.
Gas -
Is used for the stoves in each chalet in 90lt bottles, great if a power outage occurs you can cook & make a cup of tea.
Windows -
Have Insulated blinds in the living area & insulated curtains in the bedrooms. The office windows are tinted to reduce heat transfer.
Plastic -
We recycle all where possible to local transfer refuse site. We use bio-degradable bin liners and reuse bulk containers.
We have elimated small plastic bottles for toiletries and provide large containers of Australian made & owned & if possible Organic products where possible.
Hand printed brown paper bags for female waste products.
We use 100% recycled office paper & envelopes, toliet paper, kitchen paper towels & facial tissues.
We have a small libary of books in each chalet for guests to enjoy & exchange.
Newspapers provided are local and produced weekly.
Brouchures are printed on recycled paper.
Laundry -
We provide Laundry Balls for washing clothes if required, totally environmentally friendly with no chemicals.
Waste is seperated in the chalets with twin bins provided for general, paper & cardboard, basket for glass & plastic plus a food scraps bucket for recycling.
Spas -
Have automatic chlorine & acid dispensers that are electronically monitered.
Outdoor spas are more energy & water efficent than large bathroom spas and save stress on the septic systems with large volumes of water going through them. When we empyt the outdoor spa we allow the chemicals to reduce so it is safe to drain onto the ground as recharge water.

Management Initiatives -
Using recycles ink cartridges where possible
Usig non hazardous chemicals wherever possible.
TCWA accreditation completed for business systems
Eco Tourism Association of Australia Advanced Accrediation held since Dec '99 for environmental practices.

Guest Involement Intitativies -
Guest involement is welcome, yet not necessary as most systems are designed to work automatically with out any effort from our guests. We have found if you provide recycling bins almost a 100% success rate occurs.
Guests have their room only cleaned on departure unless it's a long stay & pre-arranged for a mid term clean.
Cleaning -
Use fibre based technology gloves & biodegradable bulk cleaning products and Australian made. Dyson mico cleaning vacumn system used.
Wildlife -
Special feed is provided with Wildlife Journals to record the "happenings & observations" by guests. Printed feeding notes are provided & identification books for flowers & birds as well.
Green Team -
All family members are part of the team.
Land -
The property was soil tested for chemical residue on purchase over 22yrs ago and found free of contaminents.


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